Colors of red island
Claudio Scolari | Principal Records (2010)

By Wilbert Sostre 10-31-2010

The new project by Italian musician Claudio Scolari is a fascinating mix of acoustic and electronic sounds creating an almost cinematic atmosphere. For this album Claudio has the collaboration of Daniele Cavalca on drums, bass and vibraphone and Simone Scolari on trumpet. Scolari music, like the tracks Electric light over water and Emotion appearance can be described as avant-garde jazz but it is so much more. It has elements of classical music, and other jazz styles. For example Variations of movement has some latin influences and the title track, Colors of red island with Simone Scolari majestic sound on trumpet reminds me at times of Miles music from the album Birth of Cool. Daniele Cavalca plays the vibraphone in the funky Improvised sentimental song, Cold landscape and in Movement inspiration, a track with a blend of acoustic and futuristic sounds creating kind of a mysterious mood. This mysterious mood continues in Dialogues night with an interesting almost hypnotic percussion. Earth dances explosions is even more futuristic, with a sound effect loop that provides the background to Simone trumpet improvisations. Colors of red island, Movement inspiration, Variation of movement, Dialogues night, Earth dances explosions, Improvised sentimental song, Electric light over water, Emotion appearance, Winds of metamorphosis, Infinite silence, Cold landscape.