Claudio Scolari | Principal Records (2019)
Reviewed in the United States on October 6, 2019 Grady Harp
t is rare that a recording comes along that is so full of sparks an new ideas while at the same time delivering and solid, extraordinarily music experience as is this masterful production called UPSIDE DOWN. The initial creative force is Claudio Scolari who has created a trio that uses not only the traditional jazz instruments, but also uses new instruments, electronic sounds and the melodies and harmonies of modern jazz. The result is a streaming of music that seems that it has roots in jazz but then feathers in the mysterious and seductive sounds of the Middle East, primarily because of the inclusion of the melodica, also known as the `pianica', `blow-organ' or `key-flute', is a free- reed instrument similar to the melodion and harmonica. This music is intoxicating the original and seductively beautiful.

The trio is composed of Claudio Scolari, drums, and percussion, Synth Computer, flute, Daniele Calvaca, drums, vibraphone, piano, melodica, bass, and Simone Scolari, trumpet. Each is a master and each contributes immensely to the overall sound.

The tracks featured on this recording are as follows: Smoke in C Minor, Underground Soul, Upside Road, And I’ll Make You Smile, Upside Down, Twister, Syrah Hangover, Wired, Bismantova Castle, and Fast And Last.

This is the kind of creativity in Jazz that places it very close to what is happening in contemporary classical music at present, and so this album will not only appeal to jazz aficionados but also be a welcome addition to the library of those who want to stay abreast of sound combinations that are part of classical music developments. This is a winner of an album! Highly recommended.