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Claudio Scolari | Principal Records (2018)
26 January 2018 By Robert Ratajczak
Composer and drummer Claudio Scolari is a carefully educated musician whose artistic horizons range from classical music to contemporary jazz and the avant-garde. He collaborates with prestigious symphony orchestras (including the Scala Philarmonic Orchestra of Milano or the RAI National Symphony Orchestra in Turin) and classical chamber ensembles (including Carme and Gruppo Musica Insieme di Cremona), as well as musicians from the jazz world (Steve Gadd , Chad Wackerman). In the field of jazz music, Scolari fulfills itself by searching and discovering new sounds and sonic creations that lead to innovative solutions. As a leader, he has made several excellent albums, which have received very favorable reviews in such significant periodicals as All About Jazz or Jazz Review. Musical searches led the artist to cooperate in various instrumental configurations. The latest album is the stylishly released album "Natural Impulse", made with multi-instrumentalist and music producer Daniel Cavalca and avant-garde trumpeter Simon Scolari.
The 10 original pieces of the composition that fill the album show exceptional diligence in terms of composition and arrangement, as well as a trouble-free combination of a closed form with improvisation. The music on "Natural Impulse" is also an example of a unique symbiosis of acoustic music with electronics and elements of world music and ambient, as well as a combination of the aesthetics of classical music and jazz.
Despite the fact that we are dealing with an album made by only a three-person line-up, the instrumentation seems to be unlimited. The space is filled with parts of the trumpet, piano, vibraphone, bass and various percussion instruments, all set against the backdrop of the sounds generated by synthesizers moving the imagination.
"Natural Impulse" is non-obvious music full of surprising solutions. Precisely thought out, and at the same time spontaneous and unpredictable.