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Claudio Scolari, Daniele Cavalca, Simone Scolari, Michele Cavalca 
Upside Down is the fourth album by the project that continues its journey where experimentation find no limits in a unique blend of acoustic and electronic sounds! The album features Claudio Scolari on drums/synth programming, Daniele Cavalca on drums/live synths/rhodes/piano, Simone Scolari on trumpet and finally Michele Cavalca on electric bass (the new entry of the project who turned the trio into a quartet). The project released so far 4 albums. "Colors of red Island" could be considered instinctive and fresh where we felt real "improvisers". "Syhtesis" consolidated the project giving it a more defined direction where ideas were created with a more compositional approach. "Natural Impulse" was a mix of pure improvisation and compositional parts with a bit more of fire,  while "Upside Down" has become our revolutionary album, since for the first time everything has been recorded live, in one shot, all together.

Claudio Scolari: Drum set 1, Synth Programming 
Daniele Cavalca: Drum Set 2, Live Synths, Rhodes, Piano
Simone Scolari: Trumpet
Michele Cavalca: Electric Bass



Natural Impulse is the third album release by the modern jazz trio Scolari/Cavalca/Scolari. The project comes back with a new musical journey where experimentation finds no limits in a unique blend of acoustic and electronic sounds.

Claudio Scolari: drum set 1, percussion, synth programming
Daniele Cavalca: live synths, rhodes, piano, vibraphone, bass,drum set 2
(on Unknown Destination, Chasing Inspiration, Uptown Night Trip, Insomnia) 
Simone Scolari: trumpet



Synthesis is the second album of this young music project by Claudio Scolari, Daniele Cavalca and Simone Scolari. After the great success of the album Colors of Red Island, this new album expands on the musical ideas created in the first album: It continues the soundscape of melodies and harmonies coming from different musical styles and furthers the expression of this new and original wave of modern jazz.
Claudio Scolari – Drums, percussion, Synth Computer, Flute.
Daniele Cavalca – Drum, Vibraphone, Piano, Melodica, Bass.
Simone Scolari – Trumpet.



Imagine a dialogue between 2 drum sets. Add electronic sounds and different acoustic instruments to complete 
this mysterious music  blend: welcome to a new musical dimension of modern jazz. 
The project presents an abstract musical vision of the past, present and  future, 
represented by a mixture of old and contemporary timbres. 
The main role is given to the 2 drum sets played by Claudio Scolari and Daniele Cavalca 
supported by the background sound made with live percussions, 
preregistered trackmelodic compositions are given to the Trumpet played by Simone Scolari.
Claudio Scolari: drums, percussion, flute, piano and keyboards.
Daniele Cavalca: drums, bass guitar, vibraphone.
Simone Scolari: trumpet